Letter from the President


Hello DeVry University Colleagues,

Here we are nearly halfway through the fiscal year and the holidays are upon on us.


Fiscal year 2015 has kept us all quite busy addressing the many priority projects that serve as the backbone of the DVU turnaround and transformation plan. I thank you all for your dedication to that plan and for helping us progress toward achieving our goals.


As a reminder, our plan is driven by an academic outcomes-oriented goal...to improve our graduation rate to 50 percent. The key tenets of the plan include:


  1. Attracting the right students into strong programs,
  2. Providing an exceptional learning experience at lower overall costs,
  3. Regaining our edge in technology, and
  4. Organizing and developing talent to execute a transformational strategy.


We have been providing all colleagues with updates on our progress via multiple communication channels, including a listening tour that visits each geographic group once per quarter. The response from these campus visits has been positive and we are learning a great deal about what is working well and where we have opportunities for improvement through focus groups with students, colleagues and faculty. As you know, these are not shy groups of individuals.


There are so many things that require the constant attention of our colleagues in order to make the DVU engine hum like a finely crafted machine. It’s comforting to know that you are there to address the many needs of our students. I take great pride in the fact that you are able to keep the importance of the strategic priorities top of mind, while not allowing them to distract you from the critical day-to-day work that is required as well. It’s the little things that pay big dividends in the overall student experience and highlight the DVU Care model.


Five months into my tenure as president of DeVry University, I can honestly say that the experience has been everything that I had hoped for and more. As I already knew, DeVry University is a higher education institution unlike any other. Our colleagues get the importance of achieving a high level of customer intimacy with our students that stresses our commitment to their success. Our declaration to know and serve our students and employers better than any college or university in existence is in full gear. This is one of the reasons why I know, in time, we will successfully complete our transformation.


You continue to amaze me with your strong work ethic and ability to provide an exceptional overall experience for our students, both inside and outside the classroom. I greatly appreciate the good work you do every day to help them achieve their educational and career goals.



Rob Paul

Robert Paul

President, DeVry University